LA' PIZZA - Boutique pizzerias

you Italy on a plate. We serve special boutique pizza made of high quality Durum flour brought from Italy, together with Italian tomatoes. Our pasta is fresh without a doubt; we only work with the best raw materials. Although our chef can recommend a variety of pizzas, you can also make it your way – just like in Rome.
Other than pizza, we serve fresh coffee, special pastries and sandwiches and rich salads with blue cheese and bulgur, as well as other culinary treats.
LA’ PIZZA is Mehadrin Kosher, supervised by Badatz Beit Yosef.
We offer home delivery!


LA’ PIZZA’s food truck travels between events and festivals to give you the best pizza anywhere you go.

LA' PIZZA - Karnei Shomron

LA PIZZA at Karney Shomron was opened in 2015 to give the area a true Italian celebration and a rich Italian cuisine.

  • TEL: 09-7676366
  • Karnei Shomron commercial center, back entrance
  • Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu: 16:00 – 23:00

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